Monday, May 23, 2005

We Ain't All Baptists Down Here

Okay, this is just flippin' weird. And although CNN doesn't mention it in their version of the story, according to Fox News, it's not just a church, it's a Satanic church (Fox also demonstrates why there are certain categories of police investigation which should never be referred to using the verb, "probe").

Ordinarily, I'd be skeptical, especially when they say things like "details of the case have become increasingly graphic." This sounds almost exactly like the "Satanic Panic" cases of the late '80s/early '90s, which tended to "become increasingly graphic" as the supposed victims became more and more creative with the stuff they were making up. However, in this case, they're apparently getting their information from the alleged perpetrators, which makes it harder to discount.

I do just have to ask, though: "one count of crimes against humanity for alleged sexual acts involving animals" - How is a sexual act involving animals a crime against humanity? It apparently involved a dog, so a crime against caninity, maybe, but a crime against humanity?

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