Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Saw it. Not too bad. Better than the previous two, certainly. It still had some problems. Oddly enough, where I and II felt thin on story and thick with "filler", this one felt rushed in some crucial places. Like, f'rinstance, Anakin's turn to the dark side, where literally one line is "What have I done", and his next line is, "I will do whatever you ask," pledging his loyalty to the soon-to-be emperor.

Toward the end, I started to feel like we were going through a checklist of Things That Have to Happen to Set Up Episodes IV-VI: Luke & Leia born, check. Kids split between the Lars and Organa families, check. C-3PO's memory wiped, check.

Still left some unanswered questions, though. Like, how come Uncle Owen didn't recognize C-3PO, who he had apparently grown up with (after Anakin left him on Tatooine and his mother married Owen's dad)? And what are we now to make of the touching scene in Return of the Jedi, when Luke asks Leia about her (their) birth mother, and Leia says she remembers her being filled with sadness... since we now know that Padme died in childbirth, so Leia never actually knew her at all. And since R2-D2 didn't have his memory wiped, how come he never bothered to mention to Luke anything like, "Dude, that's your sister you're kissing..."


Thaa Reverend said...

Uncle Owen didn't recognize C-3PO because 3PO didn't come out until after he got off that repressive, closed-minded little planet. Once 3PO has his dual-core Gay chip put in all hell broke loose.

Leia has those memories because she's a replicant, dude.

Kwik2Jujj said...

I know that you're aware of this, but I do wish to boast that I predicted the "Checklist of Things" effect in my April 19th post:

Then eventually you see the actual film and find yourself wincing at tortured dialog and glancing at your watch, wondering when the characters will wind up hitting the inevitable plot milestones that everybody knows are coming, and which will arrive with no attendant surprises whatsoever.

And R2 never bleeped Tone One at Luke and Leia 'cause he's a twisted little astromech, always logging in to carbon-based-incest-dot-com when he's supposed to be taking control of garbage compactors and such.

Salvius said...

My theory is that Leia has those memories because she inherited her father's accelerated aging. Anakin clearly ages faster than other humans - between I and II, he ages about ten years, while everyone around him only ages about two. So I figure that in the ten minutes or so that it took her mother to die after giving birth to her, Leia had already grown into a toddler. She probably started kindergarten later that afternoon.