Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wisconsin: America's Cat-Murderers

Wis. Governor Rejects Cat-Hunting Idea

Poor, little Wisconsin kitties... they just came to America's Dairyland looking for saucers of milk...

"Some experts estimate that 2 million wild cats roam Wisconsin, and the state says studies show feral cats kill 47 million to 139 million songbirds a year."

OK, but then if you do manage to significantly reduce the feral cat population, what are you going to do when the state is overrun by teeming multitudes of songbirds? Not to mention mice, moles, rabbits, and all the other things that I would expect the wild cats aren't just ignoring.

And if you don't significantly reduce the number of cats, is it really worth the public relations disaster? I'm picturing PETA posters featuring evil hunters in cheesehead hats blasting away at sad, big-eyed kittens. On velvet.

So, in summary: What genius even proposed this idea in the first place?

Besides, as everyone on the internet probably knows by now, there's an obvious and much more pleasant solution to the problem.


Joseph said...

A "public relations disaster" is about all this is. It's amazing how much the national media has picked up on what is really much ado about nothing. The statewide vote that took place Tuesday night was non-binding. All it did was to send a recommendation to the Wisconsin DNR, which is actually impotent in proposing open season on any species, endangered or otherwise. Only the state legislator can do that, and no politician, no matter how many gun-toters he has in his pocket, is going to risk being labelled a "kitty-killer".

Salvius said...

Also, since I paid attention when I read the article, I'm sort of curious how South Dakota and Minnesota managed to go all the way and actually allow the killing of wild cats, apparently without attracting as much attention as Wisconsin did by not allowing it.

Thaa Reverend said...

If a few feral cats are ruining a farmer's livestock or crops of course they're going to kill them. They don't need to advertise it, and they don't need a bunch of well-intentioned but ultimately uninformed liberals to know about it.

I'm also surprised at how much national media attention that has gotten. It's such a non-issue that even PETA decided to ignore it!