Sunday, April 17, 2005

Approaching Nerdvana

It's just possible my obsession with technology is getting slightly out of control. Here, you can see my new dual-monitor setup peeking out from behind the color laser printer: Posted by Hello

Well, I upgraded my video card recently, and the new one can drive multiple displays, and I had an old monitor just laying around collecting dust in the basement. What would you have done?


Joseph said...

. . . and with my blog having its rightful place on the more prominent monitor, nerdvana has been truly reached.

Chameleon said...

The photo made me laugh (reminds me too much of home!). My other half (a programmer and game designer) says: of course you needed to take the old monitor out of the basement - a room cannot be deemed overcrammed with technology ever, certainly it cannot be considered full as long as one individual can still physically squeeze in past the gadgets! :)

Kwik2Jujj said...

You sure that's a color laser in the foreground? My perspective's all screwy... you sure it's not a stove? A washing machine?

Maybe you should send it to my house to be checked out!

Thaa Reverend said...

Well my blog is on the bigger, newer monitor!

I've had dual 19-inch monitors for over two years now. I freakin' love it. The only problem is the applications that always demand on starting up in the center of the desktop. Very presumptuous, and very annoying.