Thursday, April 21, 2005

Literal Offshoring

Sea-Code apparently offers the benefits of offshoring combined with the benefits of local coding, by putting a bunch of low-cost Indian software developers on a reconditioned cruise ship parked a few miles off the coast of California.

Supposedly, this means they don't have to deal with getting work visas or US employment law. I'm somewhat skeptical about their ability to make this work, considering the ship is parked 3.1 miles off shore, but someone in the Slashdot thread about it points out that that's far too close to be in international waters (US territory extends 12 nautical miles, and the "exclusive economic zone", whatever that is, goes out to 200 nautical miles).

Still, I look forward to being able to file defect reports filled with "avast" and "ye scurvy dogs".

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Thaa Reverend said...

This brings back the good old days of company towns! Are the workers free to leave anytime they like? Will there be free enterprise and competition for supplying their food and entertainment needs while on the Code Boat?

It is an interesting idea though. If I were a FOrtune 500[tm] company doing outsourcing I'd much rather work with a group 12 (or 200) miles away. You can travel out there for meetings, be close enough to crack skulls, and not waste a day in transit or bother with customs. Hell, I'm sure they'll even have hotel rooms for visiting clients.