Friday, March 25, 2005

Stop Killing

This is just creepy:

This is a Fox News Channel picture of protestors outside Terri Schiavo's hospital. If I didn't know that, I could easily mistake them for any generic anti-war protestors, right down to the slogans on their signs. I can no longer tell any difference between left-wing protestors, and right-wing protestors, they've all just blurred into one undifferentiated mass. Look, they're even dragging their kids into it, like the anti-war folks do:

The world has gone completely mad. Somebody hold me.


Joseph said...

This whole thing has gotten completely out of hand. This morning, CNN pundits were talking about how this could "doom the Bush legacy" by empowering the pro-life wing within the Republican party, essentially prognosticating a Republican defeat in '08. So Teri Schiavo is the defining issue of our time? What happened to the good ol' war on terrorism and social security?

Thaa Reverend said...

I hate seeing liberals dragging their kids into their pathetic protest culture. But I suppose it isn't too far removed from conservatives making their kids walk around with posters of chopped-up babies. When I get the chance I like discussing important issues with kids but I respect their opinions and listen to what they have to say rather than telling them what to think. Of course I steer them my way if at all possible! Then only thing better than making a kid think is making their liberal parents freak out when I calmly and rationally talk to them about guns, corporations, the environment, etc. All those Things About Which We Do Not Speak.