Thursday, March 24, 2005


The memo I referred to the other day appears to have been a fraud.

That's fine, though. Is there really anybody left with so little cynicism that they don't believe the primary motivation behind passing that law was political, rather than moral? Everyone in Washington knows the political value of everything they do; writing it down in a memo would have been redundant anyway.

So, it has merely metamorphosed from proof that the Republicans are using Schiavo for their own political purposes, to proof that the Democrats are using Schiavo for their own political purposes. After all, it was presumably a Democrat who forged the memo and gave it to the press (and, of course, a basically liberal press who didn't look too closely at it. Now where have I heard that before?). That doesn't shake my world view a bit - I think Democrats and Republicans alike are all scum-sucking weasels.

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