Friday, January 07, 2005

Fox News: A Double-Edged Sword

One can find both good and bad things there.

First, here's a Fox News article, called "Some See Real Danger in Computer Games" (because, I suppose, it was a catchier title than "Most See No Danger in Computer Games", or similar). We learn:
But critics say sometimes players can't turn off the virtual life and return to the real one.

"You don't eat meals, or you actually have people bring food to you," said Dr. David Greenfield of the Center for Internet Studies. "Or, you keep food stashed next to the computer because you literally do not want to get up from the computer."

Sounds terrible. It's a good thing this sort of behavior is confined to computer games, and not occurring in connection with other activities like watching football on TV, or anything...
The pastime can be so addictive for some that they have given EverQuest a sinister nickname — "EverCrack."

Um, no, they have given EverQuest a humorous nickname - "EverCrack." You see, the humor derives from the exaggeration of the compelling qualities of the game, by inflating them to the level of chemical dependency. It is patently absurd to compare the "addictiveness" of a computer game to that of crack cocaine, hence the humor.
In 2001, 21-year-old Shawn Woolley (search), a Wisconsin man who suffered from epilepsy, depression and schizoid personality disorder, moved back in with his mother and quit his job.

Not long afterward, he killed himself over a personal betrayal — in the EverQuest world.

Wait just a doggone minute: He was epileptic, depressed, schizoid, unemployed, and living with his mother, and you conclude that his suicide was caused by a damn computer game? Jesus christ on skis.

On the other hand, to restore one's faith in humanity, this other story gives me a warm fuzzy feeling: Hooker Tip Leads to Child Porn Bust.

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As a (gender-stereotype transgressing) complete online game addict (C and C only), I usually stay plugged into the computer for about 15 to 20 hours at a stretch when I am in the mood (I am capable of playing even longer, but a small inconvenience called salaried employment intervenes, sigh). My other half brings me curries and other sustenance, which I eat whilst I play. After about 2a.m. he serenades me with his snoring. However, I am not quite as bad as some…check this link: