Friday, December 08, 2006

There Are No 14-Year-Old Girls On The Internet

An Allen County schoolteacher is the 75th person charged by the Fairborn Internet Crimes Unit, police said.
Police said the science teacher at Elida North High School attempted to meet a detective, who posed as a 14-year-old girl in Internet chats during the past month, for sex.

Penn Jillette made an interesting point on his radio show a little while back: He suggested that there's a risk here that these guys they're trapping like this might never have tried anything if they had been talking to an actual teenage girl, because they might have then realized how shallow and uninteresting actual teenage girls really are. In other words, is it possible that some of these men are only trying to meet the "teenage girls" they're talking to, because adult detectives posing as teenage girls are more attractive (intellectually/emotionally) than actual teenage girls?


The Dread Pirate No-Beard said...

I'm sure there are 14 year old girls on the Internet, I just doubt they're stupid enough to hang out in chat rooms looking for sex.

Then again, there are plenty of damaged and unloved kids out there. I hear enough stories about abused children where the Internet was a major factor to warrant proactive measures by law enforcement. We're probably seeing a repeat of the situation in the 1970s when the federal government was the primary publisher of child pornography in America. They quickly rolled up the major publishers and ended up lining the pockets of magazine publishers through their placement of classified ads to catch the end users of child pornography. Maybe the really nasty IRC chat rooms would die out if they weren't filled by law enforcement folks all day and night.

A. Nony Mouse said...

Well, I know of a 13-year old girl that chats on a fairly regular basis with guys she thinks she knows... her dad scans her email and chat logs and found one of the guys informing her about the size of this junk... she might not be looking for sex but she's curious and comes from a very challenging family background (her dad is actually her grandpa as I understand things - he and his wife adopted her for a variety of reasons... he's 70, she's 13) so I think it's reasonable that she could be a target for predators...