Friday, May 05, 2006

Unnecessary Travel

Just to let the Madison contingent of my fan base know, I will be up in Wisconsin for the weekend of May 19-21. If anyone wants to get together, we'll probably try to hit Madison at some point. I'll be fresh from seeing "Spamalot" on stage in Chicago.


BCandScott said...

I object to the name of this particular entry as "Unnecessary Travel". Having had to use my vacation for a heart attack and a kidney stone removal and not having been on vacation except for Christmas for about 3 years, I can say, with authority that this is NOT unnecessary travel at all but rather travel that is extremely necessary to MY personal well being. So there.

Kwik2Jujj said...

I was a little freaked out to learn that both Salvius and I, despite residing in different U.S. states, are graduates of the same high school. But then it all started to make sense. The high school was merely a government-sponsored training ground to select and promote a new breed of super-bloggers who gained their powers from the city water's unusually high radium content.

Next time I post an anti-government rant, you'll know that I've turned on my creators and am racing towards some sort of showdown. Someone phone me a scriptwriter, please.