Monday, April 17, 2006

Addition to Previous Movie Post

After watching Brokeback Mountain, we loaned it to someone Brenda works with. It seems she had wanted to see it, but her husband was too embarrassed to rent the infamous "gay cowboy" movie at the video store.


So, before loaning it to this person, I whipped up (so to speak) the World's Gayest DVD Cover* for it, just to annoy this guy I've never even met. For those who might also have some use for it, here it is (it's an insert for a DVD thin-pack, not the full-size DVD cases). Click for full size:

Brokeback Mountain
*Well, gayest without actually being gay porn, anyway. I do have some sense of compassion...


3XHAR said...

HARHARHAR! Niiiiiiiiiice.

Have you read the short story the movie was based on? Just curious... About the short story, not about anything else. Nope. Just some normal old heterosexual curiosity here. Yep.

Salvius said...

I have not read the short story.