Friday, December 02, 2005

"Intelligent Design" Theory Is Satanic

1 Corinthians 1:22-23 (NIV):
Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles

Feel free to follow that link and read the entire chapter, or examine some of the other translations.

To paraphrase this passage (and some of the context): Some people require evidence (signs) proving the message of Christ, others require logic ("wisdom", and remember that Greeks pretty much invented formal logic). But Paul is saying here that you cannot arrive at God through either signs or wisdom, evidence or logic, only through faith.

Now, in order for that to be true, it must be that God's existence cannot be proven through either evidence or logic. After all, if it could, then it would be possible to arrive at God through signs or wisdom. God's message would not be "foolish", as Paul calls it - it would be demonstrable fact. So the Bible itself tells us that God's existence must be taken on faith, that there cannot be either scientific (evidentiary) or logical proof.

Therefore, the "Intelligent Design" theory, to the extent that it is remotely scientific, must be anti-Christian (if it isn't scientific, of course, then it certainly has no place in a high school science class, does it?). The underlying basis of ID is that there are some things which are so "irreducibly complex" that they must have been designed by an intelligence, and could not have come into existence in any other way.

But if that were true, then irreducible complexity would constitute a "miraculous sign" that proves God's existence, which is precisely what Paul says cannot be. In fact, in order for what Paul says to be true, there has to be a complete, coherent scientific explanation for the existence of life that doesn't involve God. If there were no such explanation, then God's existence could be demonstrated through that "miraculous sign", and faith would be unnecessary.

Therefore, ID theory attempts to undermine the Bible; it is against God. Since, by definition, anyone who is against God is serving Satan, ID advocates are Satanists. QED.


Salvius said...

And yes, this is essentially a variation on the Babel Fish argument. I just documented the Biblical references a little better...

Chameleon said...

You just knew intuitively that I was going to mention the Babelfish, lol!

Anonymous said...

If the ID vs Evolution debate could ever be decoupled into science and philosophy, we might make some headway as a culture. ID is a means of defining your world-view (philosophy or religion for subscribers). Evolution is a property of life as understood through science. One has no relation to the other within their separate domains.

If only Douglas Adams could explain it to everyone... (RIP)

Stephanie Butler said...

The theory of intelligent design states that there are features of the universe and living things that are explained by an intelligent cause.
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