Saturday, June 11, 2005

News, and Preliminary Weekend Movie Roundup

Just an FYI: Friday was my last day on my current job. My boss didn't seem too happy about it, actually: Monday, she came to me and said that her boss had decreed that because profits were down, they needed to cut development costs for the quarter (ending this month), so he suddenly canceled the project I would have been working on through the end of July. In the email she sent around to the entire team to let them know that three of us were leaving at the end of the week, she said things like "This was unexpected. I usually like to give folks at least three to four weeks advance notice of when I will end their contract. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that luxury this time", and "We are at a point now where every cut hurts us as a team."

I don't expect it will take me too long to find something else. I have several irons in various fires, including applying for positions both at this same company, and at the one that laid me off a year ago. I'm optimistic.

So, on to a quick review of the movie we watched earlier tonight:

Identity: Eenh. Interesting premise, not executed as well as I had hoped. I will point out that this is another case of a "twisty" suspense movie where I (literally, no exaggeration) turned to Brenda before we started watching and said, "Without having watched a frame of this film, here is my prediction of what the big twist ending is:" Yes, I got it right. Again. I had formed this prediction based on the TV trailers, and the title of the movie. What this says to me is that either I am a genius at predicting twist endings, Hollywood movies have gotten way too predictable, or Hollywood trailers have gotten way too revealing.

Without spoiling the twist for others, I will say that it would have been interesting to see it done slightly more realistically, and also to see it done by someone like David Lynch. Those are not mutually exclusive - I maintain that Eraserhead was, and remains, the most realistic depiction of a dream/nightmare ever committed to film.

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Thaa Reverend said...

Talk about nailing a movie based on was my guess about M. Night Shamala-guy's The Village based only on the trailers:

The village has been isolated from the rest of the world on purpose. The elders know this and perpetuate the story of the forest monsters as a way of controlling the people in the village and preventing them from wanting to leave for the wicked world outside. The elders are, in fact, the forest monsters. And the blind girl is eventually sent on the mission to get the medicine from the town nearby because she's blind and won't blab about the nice, brightly-lit 24-hour Walgreens she encounters on her trip. Come to think of it, there must be a person on the outside who is complicit with the village elders and handles contact with the odd blind kid who comes through the forest ever 20 years or so. The village is a big experiment in social engineering.

The only think I got wrong was the outside facilitator with previous knowledge of the plan.

Oh, I suppose I should have warned about spoilers above. Oops.