Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Now That's Voice Talent

EA is making a video game adaptation of The Godfather. They've hired James Caan and Robert Duvall to do voice acting reprising their roles in the film. Not only that, but: "Shortly before his death last year, Marlon Brando recorded voice-over as crime elder Don Vito Corleone for the game."

Holy crap.

Of course, this also reminds me that once upon a time, Interplay was working on a Star Trek original-series game, Secret of Vulcan Fury, written by D. C. Fontana, which would have featured voice acting by the entire TOS cast, all of whom were still alive at the time. The game was cancelled, but I believe it was cancelled after the voice recording was completed, which means those recordings probably still exist somewhere in the vaults, should someone ever decide to resurrect the project...

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