Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Because all of you of Earth are idiots!"

"You see? You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!"

Someone posted this on Slashdot:
Before the election I was disgusted by Bush, but now I'm disgusted by our entire country. I can only hope that he'll break things so badly that people out in the midwest/south will be forced to start thinking.

Nothing like rational discussion between reasonable people with honest disagreements on the issues, eh?

(OK, granted, Slashdot isn't the place to look for anything like that, but this sort of thing is hardly rare these days. And two bonus points if you can identify the source of the other quotes I used. Not that it's an obscure source...)


Joseph said...

This morning a co-worker noted that Bush won the "uneducated" Southern states, while Kerry took the "cultured and educated" New England and West Coast states, the implication being that Bush voters are uneducated. Being a Bush voter (or, more accurately, not being a Kerry voter), I took issue with this, but to no avail. Apparently there's no such thing as an educated conservative, although most of my friends would certainly fit that description.

I'll take my two bonus points, having just recently viewed Tim Burton's wonderful film "Ed Wood" on DVD. Any schlock film buff worth his salt would immediately recognize lines from "Grave-Robbers From Outer Space" (as it was originally called before the Baptist financers insisted on much less sacreligious "Plan 9 . . . ")

Kwik2Jujj said...

Regarding Joseph's coworker's assertions: If it's the conservatives who are so stupid, why is it that the Democrats do so much of their get-out-the-vote and registration efforts on street corners, in homeless shelters, among people who just snuck over the border, and so on? And why is it that the AFL-CIO feels it's worthwhile to pay for commercials talking about the draft, for crying out loud? That pitch is certainly not aimed at geniuses.

As for the Slashdot posting, and others I've seen from Slate, the Democratic Underground, and so forth: Heaven forfend that we should label such people unpatriotic. They openly wish for economic setbacks, military disasters, and so forth, but if I point out that they don't love their country then I'm somehow the bad guy.